2023 Irwin Oppenheim Award

Congrats to the team for being awarded the 2023 Irwin Oppenheim Award!

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to physics by early career scientists who publish in Physical Review E (PRE). The annual award consists of a $3,000 stipend, a certificate, registration waiver and travel reimbursement to attend the APS March Meeting, and an invitation to speak at the conference.

About Irwin Oppenheim

This best paper award, the first APS award established by a Physical Reviewjournal, honors the founding editor of Physical Review E, Irwin Oppenheim. Under his editorship, the journal grew significantly in both size and scope. A visionary editor, Irwin promoted new areas, including soft matter, biological physics, and complex networks. Physical Review E, with its broad coverage and interdisciplinary scope, continues to embrace Irwin’s editorial philosophy, and the journal is an important part of his legacy.

A distinguished scientist, Irwin Oppenheim studied nonequilibrium phenomena and was a leader in statistical physics and kinetic theory. His illustrious career as a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology spanned more than five decades. Irwin is remembered for his warmth and wisdom as a mentor to many students and postdocs who later went on to become prominent in their field. Appropriately, the Irwin Oppenheim Award recognizes early career scientists.